KNOW WHAT TYPE OF INVESTOR ARE YOU? Is investing is fun? Well, the answer may vary person to person. As it completely depends on who you are and what type of an investor you are. Yes – with no doubt, investing and financial planning is a field of study with rules and theories; investors are … Continue reading


The financial crisis of 2008 and the recession of 2013 are still fresh in the memories of investors. Investors saw their portfolios lose by 30% or more of their values. Instead of making decisions rationally during these severe bear markets, many investors tend to overreact and make matters worse. However, amidst this panic or emotional investing there was … Continue reading


6 MUST TAKE INVESTMENT LESSONS FROM FOOTBALL Are you one of the biggest football fans who probably can name each and every player along with his history. You might be the one who misses on any of the games or tournaments. But, did you know that your favourite sport has a lot many things teach … Continue reading