GOLDEN RULES OF FINANCIAL PLANNING The Beginners Guide Managing one’s money and growing it needs to show a bit of commitment and in-depth study. Deciding to invest is the first step toward money management. Investing money can be a powerful tool towards greater financial independence. You may have many financial goals in your mind like … Continue reading


THE POWER OF DIVERSIFICATION “A good portfolio is more than a long list of good stocks and bonds. It is a balanced whole, providing the investor with protections and opportunities with respect to a wide range of contingencies.”– Harry Markowitz Maintaining a diversified portfolio is crucial to any long-term investment strategy, irrespective of the current … Continue reading


ADVANTAGES OF FINANCIAL PLANNING One of the thumb rules of investments and financial planning is Start Early. Drive Slowly. Reach Safely. At the early stage of our earning life, we have few responsibilities; it is the time when we can save the most. Also, being young our risk tolerance is high, as we have time … Continue reading


The financial crisis of 2008 and the recession of 2013 are still fresh in the memories of investors. Investors saw their portfolios lose by 30% or more of their values. Instead of making decisions rationally during these severe bear markets, many investors tend to overreact and make matters worse. However, amidst this panic or emotional investing there was … Continue reading


KNOW WHAT TYPE OF INVESTOR ARE YOU? Is investing is fun? Well, the answer may vary person to person. As it completely depends on who you are and what type of an investor you are. Yes – with no doubt, investing and financial planning is a field of study with rules and theories; investors are … Continue reading


6 MUST TAKE INVESTMENT LESSONS FROM FOOTBALL Are you one of the biggest football fans who probably can name each and every player along with his history. You might be the one who misses on any of the games or tournaments. But, did you know that your favourite sport has a lot many things teach … Continue reading


HOW TO START PLANNING YOUR RETIREMENT? How To Get Started? When it comes to retirement, it may help to think of it as a new beginning, instead of a finish line. In fact, with increasing life expectancy, it’s essential to have a plan and ensure your income sustains throughout. But that leads to one crucial … Continue reading


HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU SAVE FOR YOUR RETIREMENT? Although how much should you invest for your retirement is a very subjective matter, “as much as you can” is the standard answer that you may get. Also, it’s important to start as early as you can. We all have dreams. We all say or feel – … Continue reading


4 STEPS TOWARDS A SAFE, SECURE, AND FUN RETIREMENT Retirement planning is a multi-step process that evolves time to time. To ensure a comfortable, secure, and fun-filled retirement, you need to build the financial cushion that will fund all the important stages of your use-to retirement life. Retirement planning starts with thinking about your retirement … Continue reading


CELEBS WHO FOUGHT AND DEFEATED CANCER AS THEY WERE FINANCIALLY EMPOWERED. Are You? Cancer is one word that is scarier than death, isn’t it? Every time we brew in a conversation that has the word “Cancer” it leaves us shuddering. Nobody would want to be diagnosed with cancer even in their worst dreams. The reality … Continue reading


CHILD EDUCATION PLAN BENEFITS AT A GLANCE! High Cost Of Private Education And Need To Work To Support Their Families And Little Interest In Studies Are The Reasons Given By 3 In Every Four Dropouts As The Reason They Leave. With no doubts, parenting brings along its own set of joys and responsibilities. However, successful … Continue reading


WHAT IS A CHILD EDUCATION PLAN? Fighting the steeply growing inflation and funding future higher education cost, seems difficult with simple monthly savings. For your child to build a bright future in the competitive environment, higher education fees should be the last constraint, isn’t it? As a parent, you want the best of both the … Continue reading


SECURE YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE WITH THREE SIMPLE STEPS As parents, we aspire to offer our children the best of both the worlds. While we make sure to provide a healthy, quality, and holistic day-to-day environment for our children, much more detailed planning is required for their education and future. In an attempt to ensure this, … Continue reading


WHAT IS LIFESTYLE INFLATION? Lifestyle Inflation means increased expenses as income rises. Imagine getting a new job or a performance bonus, or getting unusual business profits or simply moving from dependent life (student) to independent life (employment) – such instances can spurt Lifestyle Inflation. There are ways to ensure you don’t succumb to Lifestyle Inflation … Continue reading